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Chat Balram

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Vedic, Family, Health issues


  • Adjustable brightness levels and color temperature
  • Smart connectivity for remote control via smartphone or voice commands
  • Customizable scheduling and scene presets
  • Sleek and modern design to complement any décor
  • Energy-efficient LED technology for long-lasting illumination
How to start Chat

1. Fill your wallet with a amount greater then the per mins price required to chat.

2. We recommend checking your profile, this will help you in saving your time/wallet.

3. Once the wallet is filled come back and start the chat by clicking on “Chat” button.


When will my wallet deducted?

Your wallet will only be deducted once the chat is started. And the chat is started only when the Astrologer joins after going through your profile.

This way your wallet is always saved before you actually starts communication with the Astrologer.

How can I save my wallet ?

Wallet can be saved for initial discussions where you need to provide your birth details to Astrologer, this can be saved if you have filled your profile initially before begining the discussion.

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